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If you run a hotel or resort on an island, it is important that your visitors know how to find you. Let us handle the schedules, and you can focus on making your your customers have a great stay. It's very easy to include a link to our site, to help your travelers arrive at your location.

For example, if your resort is on Camiguin Island, you can add a hyperlink on your website to the following URL:

Promoting your brand is a growing site with a hightly targeted user base. Every day people visit the site to get information on how to get to a certain destination. We'd be happy to discuss how we can use this to promote your brand, whether you run a hostel, hotel, resort, restaurant, or any other travel related service.

Please connect with us, we look forward to your comments and suggestions.

Boat ef8ef52dc4e85ec4741df982b07e1230ba3a45f6d1425e0128dd560c4801db79 Fishing boats in El Nido Bay, Palawan. (photo credit: Adeh DeSandies)