What is Schedule.ph?

We aim to provide a one-stop site to search ferry schedules all over the Philippines. Instead of searching through several different listings to find information, you can come to one place for all your scheduling needs. No matter where you may be headed, let Schedule.ph help you get there. Resorts and vacation spots are encouraged to link to us, to make sure visitors can find their way.

Contact Us

Schedule.ph is provided as a service by a group of Ruby on Rails developers who love traveling in the Philippines and want to make it easier for others to experience this beautiful country. This site is a collaboration between Kude Labs, a software company in Guangzhou, China, and developers in Cebu.

Please email us for more information.

Beach b87b4d5f5d1dfacf9125ac0f11b83d18b2ce542275270de7304294c28f180c74 Beach in El Nido Bay, Palawan. (photo credit: Adeh DeSandies)